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Let's face it - our world has experienced some dramatic changes over the last few years. One of the biggest changes has been in how we relate to one another, and while that change has heralded an astonishingly quick adoption of digital communication in our personal and professional lives, it has distrupted our fundamental and natural abilities to emotionally connect with one another. 

Shamir recognized this growing issue and spearheaded the development of a two part response to address it: Glacier Expression™ - an innovative anti-reflective formula, and a huge update to Autograph Intelligence™ - our award winning lens design.

We know they'll help you Look Better, See Better, and Feel Better.

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Glacier Expression™

LOOK Better

Look Better


Reduce Noise

We inherently use our whole bodies when communicating face to face. We naturally interpret body language and posture, we speak with our hands, and we use expressive facial gestures. In fact, we intrinsically use our entire faces to convey meaning, using a system of very complex and oftentimes subtle visual queues. Shamir recognizes this natural gift and how an emergent trend in digital communications has necessarily shifted this whole-body approach to one that must focus and rely on our faces, and especially our eyes, on our screens.

Enjoy Comfortable Vision With Minimal Visual Noise

Shamir Glacier Expression™ coating lowers visual noise and increases the SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio) which indicates how clearly you are able to see versus the visual noise around you.

An increase in SNR can help reduce fatigue and eye strain and provide a more comfortable visual experience throughout the day.

And when people can see the real you, you know you look better!

SEE Better

See Better
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Clear, Sharp Vision


Shamir Glacier Expression™ keeps reflectance on lens surfaces down to a minimum, ensuring increased transmittance of light for all wavelengths, especially those to which the human eye is most sensitive. The resulting improvement in contrast sensitivity ensures outstandingly sharp vision, with increased detail resolution.

We use our screens to communicate a lot more than we used to, and we're doing it every day. And the first thing people see is our eyes.

FEEL Better

Feel Better

Looking Good
Feeling Good

Given that we rely on our vision so heavily when communicating with each other, the biggest barrier to empathic, meaningful, and emotional connectivity must be simple visual obstructions, like ScreenFlections™, glare, anything that obscures our lenses and eyes. These distractions are additionally relevant in a digital space, where our heads and eyes become the focus of those with whom we are trying to relate. 

Glacier Expression™, especially when paired with Autograph Intelligence™, effectively removes these impediments to our relationships, making us feel better.

Autograph Intelligence™

There's More!

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We've Updated
Autograph Intelligence™

While Glacier Expression helps to boost visual signal and remove visual noise and glare, our beloved Autograph Intelligence lens design helps you focus your eyes precisely where you need them to be at all times. Using data gathered since the lens design’s introduction over three years ago, we’ve been able to further refine its benefits to more closely match our current needs, because things have changed dramatically.

We made a big splash when we introduced AI three years ago, and we’re still making waves.

With Autograph Intelligence, you always get today’s highly advanced and precisely tailored progressive lens, because it is a lens design capable of learning from a constant flow of new data and incorporating it into its design, constantly staying ahead and evolving to optimally address users’ ever changing visual needs. In other words, Autograph Intelligence™ grows with us as our evolving needs change over time.


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